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If you wanna reach your highest potential, makeup your mind for a long haul.

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My hunch is someone you trust mentioned my name, or you stumbled upon one of my videos, quotes or articles online, or you may not be in good place right now and your looking for some help. Whatever path you took and whatever got you here, I’m really glad you’re here.

This site is a door of a new life and has helped countless people. I am sure you will find here whatever you have been looking for.

I’m all for the excellence , excellence that leads to illumination & liberation. Eight Years back something happened that changed me and my life entirely. The Sapling of wisdom inside me turned itself into a giant wisdom tree.

My definition of Life includes dignity ,joy and compassion. I believe that you can not give without taking. I believe that giving is the precondition to receive. I love the game of total transformation and new life. I believe that anything is possible for a well trained thinking brain. I am an unshakable optimist and I don’t drive my value and worth out of how you treat me. I am on lifelong fast, a fast from negative thoughts, a fast from the past, a fast from bitterness, a fast from small dreams, a fast from fears and I am just survive on positivity”

I am born and raised in india turned into a global citizen. I am an obsessive learner and never stop reading and writing. I believe that money is must for beautiful life experiences and I stand for making it in meaningful ways. I am an introvert who will never insert himself into a conversation but I am a thinker and when asked specific question, I will blow your mind with my answer.I have seen and experienced godspeed and willing to let you experience that too. I don’t do anything to prove myself, I do it only if it is required and right.

I don’t believe in testimonials because you need them only when you are not sure about you and your work.

Don’t committ mistake of making an opinion about me because your opinion is your opinion and may not be even close me or my identity.

“ I have Learnt how to be heard without being loud. ”
“ I am here to reach my highest potential and help you do the same in your life. I am well prepared for a long haul. ”
about awadhesh shukla
awadhesh shukla

I’ve been implacable student of human performance and potential. Why do some people lack in performance and find life up against, Why do some of us thrive despite the most challenging circumstances, has been subjects of my studies for years.

I always wanted to know, what exactly is it that makes people perform excellently and achieve genuine happiness and success along with making enough money to experience all possible beautiful experiences in life and feel creatively fulfilled?

I have no problem in accepting that someone else knows more than me, someone else is more capable than me, someone else deserves more than me. Long back I have stopped living in denial and that’s why I am rising everyday.

I believe that you have unique set of gifts and personality. No matter what your dreams and obstacles are, I believe that I can help you activate your inner power to change your life and create a beautiful life of your dreams. No matter what you have been chasing ,I believe that even though you are not seeing it happening, it may have taken longer than you thought, but never forget your heart is still beating and you are yet not defeated. Stay committed through thick and thin and you will see it right in front of you.

awadhesh shukla

  " A well trained brain is critical to fully blossom in the modern word"

ReWire Academy

ReWire Academy is where the real magic happens. When I was starting, I wanted someone to tell me all of it. I mean everything I need to learn to level up my game and take command of my life, I never found anyone. I collected it piece by piece and so I decided to create a magic place where you can learn everything you need to learn to take command of your life and create virtually anything you want and I mean anything.

My Academy is a Research organization where I and my team are dedicated to excellence in every area of human life. Based on our studies and many more done all over the world, we have designed and developed our training programs for total transformation.

My Programs are designed to totally transform every cell of your being. My Academy offers the most and I mean “The Most” comprehensive program ever made for excellence and personal development.

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my rewire academy
ReWire Academy

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"You can be the first one to get anything never heard of, so always listen to your inner self, it’s the best compass"

Lifecoaching what actions you need to take..
Education Reading books isn’t a choice , it’s a prerequisite for a good life..
Success Coach your attention gonna decide your present and future..
Performance coach
Performance Coach Get Ready for real performance and results.

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