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“Life is just like a game, to win you need to know the rules, observe
winner’s game, practice hard and above all a RIGHT COACH

What makes me different?

I am not a magician but I am really good at what I do. I am not a superficial motivator and inspirational guru. I am a relentless trainer who is capable of bringing out your best through rigourous training like an athlete.

Are we Right Fit?

If you ready to make bold and courageous moves, take action on long held dreams and kick off a new beginning with an explosion of energy ? Which means you are ready to do anything and I mean anything to create a life you always imagined. If your answer is yes, we are the right fit else It was nice meeting you . Good Bye and Take Care !


I am not that coach which you might think of me, I am a performance coach who is fascinated with human brain and has mastered it to facilitate total transformation in any one’s life.

awadhesh shukla services

Research driven Training, Talks and Coaching to level up your game

Improve performance and results, and help make more money for greater experiences in life and feel creatively fulfilled.

What do i offer?

“Never forget that you haven’t come from an assembly line, you are a masterpiece, one of its kinds. So stop comparing yourself and start working on yourself”

personal coaching by awadhesh shukla

Personal Coaching

Let’s become friends and allow me to challenge you to perform at your best. Lets work on developing a winning game plan for you.

Personal Coaching

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My Personal Coaching sessions are designed to help understand your brain patterns and change them for different and better results in any area of your life.

I believe traditional inspirational and motivational talks are just superficail . Your current life and experiences are based on how you are wired. Human Brain is not as complex as it has always been portrait . It’s very simple to anyone to understand and apply scietifically proven tools and techniques to change patterns for better life.

“Where you are coming from doesn’t have any control on where can you go”

Life is just like a game, to win you need to know the rules, observe winner’s game, practice hard and above all a right coach. It is impossible for any one of us to reach our highest potential without a coach. Today it is not luxury, it precondition for a good life.

“Mistake you did can’t devalue you, that is what you did not who you are ”
Keynote Talk by Awadhesh Shukla

Keynote & Talks

Let me kick off your event with an explosion of energy and excitement or invite me for a compelling master talk that will challenge and teach your leaders to raise their professional game and create massive results.

Keynote & Talks

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I am fascinated with human brain and possibilities lying in there. My work is devoted to help you change your brain patterns for greater performance and results through amazingly effective ideas, tools, techniques ,strategies and resources.

My Talks are designed to help you change brain patterns for desired results. If you are organising any talk for greater performance and results, I may help you. I am not a motivator and I believe that motivation is superficial and not effective for sustained results. I am researcher and trainer who can help your audience become exceptional performer .

“ Many lives can change over one simple conversation and set them free from the prison of ignorance”

If you ready with the theme of your event , share with me and we will let you if we are right fit.

Corporate Training by Awadhesh Shukla

Corporate Training

Let me design and deliver a custom soul –stirring training experience that provides your team with surprising research, actionable advice & tools, hilarious stories and moving tributes.

Corporate Training

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For long corporate training has been mostly based on motivational and inspirational ideas or unscientific sales gimmick. Human brain has never been considered in any corporate training program, which is the most important element of any effective training event.

No matter what your organisation does , it needs constant training to align your actions with your mission. Human behaviour has been the biggest challenge in orgaisational functioning and my expertise. If you are planning for corporate training to bring innovation and creativity in your organisational functioning, I can help you.

“ Performance speaks louder than any other thing in Business ”

It’s one thing to talk about innovation and behavior change, I can make it happen live.

Let me help you create a team of like wired and like thinking brains which can not only help you achieve unamaginable results but also create a wonderful working enviroment for mutual growth and satisfaction.

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“Quit beating yourself up because you are not what you thought you would be. Your heart is still beating and you are yet not defeated”

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