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Hi, I'm Awadhesh

An Entrepreneur and A Performance coach devoted to excellence in life. I’m all for the excellence , excellence that leads to illumination & liberation.

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“Life is just like a game, to win you need to know the rules, observe winner’s game, practice hard and above all a RIGHT COACH”

personal coaching
Personal Coaching

Let’s become friends and allow me to challenge you to perform at your best.

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keynote talks
Keynotes & Talks

Let me kick off your event with an explosion of energy and excitement or invite me for a

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corporate training
Corporate Training

Let me design and deliver a custom soul –stirring training experience that provides

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Streamline your biggest Asset

How well you can control and use your attention going to decide your present and future. Your overall life experience depends on it.


The Process

I love the game of total transformation and new life. I believe that anything is possible for a thinking brain, I believe that you can not give without taking, I believe that giving is the precondition to receive!

“Most of you are so busy in living life that you forget to observe it and there you miss the real details of life “



“When I do operations, I don’t use anesthesia, you gonna watch it & feel it !”

Scientific Methods

My work is devoted to help you change your brain patterns through amazingly effective ideas, tools, techniques ,strategies and resources which will eventually help you create virtually anything you want in life and I mean anything you want.

Design for Performance

No matter whom you are, an entrepreneur, a celebrity, a professional, a student a teacher a sportsman a housewife or an artist, as a performance coach I can help you create amazing results and wow experiences for you and your audiences.

“Who” Doesn’t Matter

My job is to help you create desired results and a dream life, no matter who you are, where do you live and what do you do for living until you are a human being.

Developed for Masterpieces

I never forget that you haven’t come from an assembly line, you are a masterpiece, one of its kinds. So I don’t compare, I just work with you.


Before you make up your mind to invest your time with me and my work, it’s extremely important for you to know ten things about me.

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  • - Awadhesh Shukla

    “Each and every moment of your life is created by your brain and the stories it tells you”

  • - Awadhesh Shukla

    “I don’t waste time in finding the purpose of my life, I have created one”

  • - Awadhesh Shukla

    “I have mastered Rejection, so you can not beat me down”

awadhesh shukla rewire


I am Dedicated to provide you advantage of the finest reseach and resources created for creating extraordinary life.

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Take the first step to your new Celebrated life. If you have tried everything to bring desired changes in your life but your fears, confusion and lack of understanding and knowledge have always held you back, than this is the place for you. We Provide all-in-one advanced online training and Personal excellence Program for creating Extraordinary Life and wellbeing.

Enacting Learning

In addition to high-quality Video ,we offer Participant to proactively engage in putting new knowledge into practice and to assess their own progress.


Rewire master program is original and one of its kind, Personal excellence Program, which touches every aspect of a Human life

Special Plan for Students

ReWire Peak Performance Student Program, is available to Students at a discounted fees for a limited time.

My Initiatives

I am proud to have started two of my socially conscious dream projects .I am sure they will touch millions of life and help them live a healthy and dignified life.

rewire life redefined


This is my dream project, which is being designed and developed to change lives of One million people. Starting for 1st Oct 2018 this project aims at transforming financial condition of one million people who are otherwise doomed to be poor.

ReWire Heart Safe Program

I invite you to become part of this movement and help us make heart disease a rare disease as in 80% cases it can be prevented. I wish each one of us is aware about the biggest killer of humanity and each one of us manages food, exercise and stress effectively.


Lets's join Hands

My own personal experiences with Heart disease compelled me research more about it and eventually with the help of various experts, My Academy has developed a unique program which can help you in living a heart healthy lifestyle effortlessly. Together we can make heart disease a rare one if we choose so.

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