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Enabling you to create an Extraordinary Life through Conscious Mastery!

If you would like to build a life that reflects your own values, truths and deeper purpose, we'll provide the coaching to make it a reality.

Performance coaching benefits

When Life is Challenging a Coach can make it easier! Life Coaching is an investment in you and it will benefit your entire life.

A Coach deals with your life in all its dimensions, personal and professional life, health and relationships. . Dealing with stress and feeling unsettled, career change and bringing meaning into your work and life, overcoming procrastination and making the first step towards doing what you really want to do. The list is endless.

Personal Benefits:

Get More From Life!

It Creates CLARITY on “What YOU really WANT in your life”. A coach helps you remove the barriers that are getting in the way, such as fears and insecurities. This allows you to see what you want and gives you the courage to go and get it. A coach expects you to invest in the quality of your life and gives you the tools to succeed. Through increased self-worth and confidence, you develop an acceptance and happiness with yourself.

Start ATTRACTING into your life, rather than struggling!

Withe the help of Coach you EFFORTLESSLY draw in to you what you want in life versus having to sell, seduce or promote yourself.

Create more BALANCE in life!

Coaching explicitly works on your whole life, including relationships, health, carrier, finances and much more. The result is increased self-awareness so that you integrate all aspects of your life into a balanced, cohesive plan. This reduces conflict and increases happiness.

Create Accountability!

This is one of the biggest things that can help you by having a life coach. You all of a sudden become more accountable to follow through on whatever you’re procrastinating on or stopping yourself from doing. When you have a life coach that is there to push you beyond your limits and what you thought was possible, a breakthrough happens. Your entire belief system changes and you take your life to another level.

Better Decision Making!

A Performance Coach has many tools and techniques to quickly draw out the way forward for you. Through coaching you will discover more options than you thought were possible. Coaches will use insightful and challenging questions to help you decide which path is the right one. Having decided on what actions you need to take, the coach will ensure that you are 100% committed to achieving them, and help you deal with any obstacles on the way.

Improved Financial Habits!

With financial coaching you develop a plan and take actions specifically designed to convert your present income into wealth. The goal is to stop just surviving and start thriving – every month and every year – so that you eliminate the question mark from your financial future. Coaching is not about get-rich-quick: it is about accelerated, consistent progress toward an inevitable result. Thus Empowers clients to self-manage finances after gaining knowledge and experience using tools and create better finacial habit.

Organisational Benefits:

According to ICF professional coaching shows a significant return on investment for companies by following ways:

  • Coaching can assist organizations with key business goals.
  • Coaching can bolster creativity.
  • Coaching can manage the change that accompanies growth within your organization.
  • Coaching can boost productivity and effectiveness.
  • Coaching can develop communication skills.
  • Coaching can help your organization attract and retain talented employees.
  • Coaching can bring work-life balance into the lives of your employees.
  • Coaching can help your employees thrive.
  • Coaching can help your company flourish despite uncertain economic times.
  • Coaching can restore self-confidence to organizations hit hard by the recession.

Coaching offers a significant return on investment (ROI) for companies. The ICF Global Coaching Client Study found that 86 percent of companies made back at least their investment. Of those, 28 percent saw an ROI of 10 to 49 times the investment and 19 percent saw an ROI of 50 times their investment.

Awadhesh Shukla Performance coach

+91 8010577000

Awadhesh Shukla Performance coach

+91 8010577000


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