Performance Coaching Programs and Packages

We offer bespoke coaching training to organizations, businesses and for Personnel.

Perhaps you are someone who is:

Are you really living your life?

  • Feeling stuck, unsure about your future and not clear about a way forward.
  • Needing to make changes in your life, but not knowing how or where to start.
  • Successful and now wanting to create a life you love.
  • Struggling to communicate openly and effectively Perceived as “in control” but lacking self-esteem.

What you gain:

With our help you will be turning grey to color – achieving that future you’ve been waiting for.

  • More satisfaction and success in your personal life, and in the work that you do.
  • Peace, joy, excitement and fulfillment.
  • More focused on your life and work to achieve the results you want.
  • Increase earnings and productivity.

The thought of a Performance coach appeals to those who realize that they can improve their lives with the right support. As an experienced Coach I offer the helping hand you’ve been looking for all this time. Take a few minutes to discover what we can offer you:

One Hour of Power Package

In this super-fast ‘fix-it’ session we zero in on something specific that you either need, or something which could be causing you issues, and go about sorting them.

We jet-pack you out of your stuck state and propel you forward into a life where everything is technicolour and is working towards your best life. It is a Totally inspiring ,motivating session which makes you to think about things in a completely different way and set achievable goals and action. It is Quick laser coaching, which gives you feedback and guidance about a specific issue. "

  • Duration: One 60 minutes Session
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Personal Transformation Package

This program is highly interactive and over 90% of the learning is through personal experience. Knowledge is gained by direct experience and realization through one on one dialogue, coaching and emerging truths through self-discovery.It allows participants/clients to break through a lifetime of issues and obstacles.

We customize the sessions to fit each participant’s individual requirements, yet work within the framework of these common elements:Eliminating emotional baggage ,Letting go of anger, resentment and frustration,Becoming unstuck, Cleaning up past or current relationships,Forgiving yourself and making peace with your mistakes or bad decisions,Releasing weight or improving your health or physical well-being,Improving career or financial status,Building unshakable confidence and self-worth,Manifesting abundance.

While there are few guarantees in life, if you commit to this program, and do your share of work in reclaiming your life, the probability of significant transformation is extraordinary.

  • Duration: Ten Weekly, 60 minutes each session
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One-on-one Executive Coaching Package

Executive coaching is when a person works individually with an executive coach on their particular areas of strengths and weaknesses in order to fulfil their potential. It is a catalyst for enhanced performance of the individual and the teams they lead.

Business leaders face new leadership challenges demanding new levels of innovation and motivation. We are responding to this fast-changing landscape by delivering a suite of programs designed for executives at all stages of their careers. We make you transition from an individual contributor to being a leader of others, the tools and frameworks to help tackle the transition, and the all-important people skills that are required for longer-term career success.

Our Program is designed to help you understand the requirement of transition and develop critical people skills that often make the difference between longer-term career success or failure. Key benefits includes :Developing clear insights into your strengths and weaknesses as a leader, Acquire confidence and tools to create vision and set direction for greater success,Master frameworks for inspiring people and motivating them to perform better.

  • Duration: Twelve Weekly, 90 minutes each session
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Group Transformational Action Learning Package

Group Transformational Action Learning Package is for coaches, senior management teams, small businesses, solo entrepreneurs and creative industries. Transformation Skills for Leaders and Coaches introduces transformational coaching and leadership by developing excellence and maximum performance through personal and practical reflection. A major focus is that of ‘conscious leadership’ through interaction tools, techniques and skills, and the experience and understanding of the concepts which empower people to transform the quality of life.

The focus is on the mastering of the mind, the development of emotional and social intelligence, the power of acknowledgement and deepening the core coaching skills. By establishing trust, intimacy, accountability and high levels of empathy, presence and awareness, participants will be given the opportunity to take skills of coaching and mentoring to the next level, thus enabling individuals and organizations to move to a place of transformational coaching and leadership through sustained excellence and maximum performance. This is Group Coaching which requires minimum of 20 Participants.

  • Duration: Five Days, 120 minutes each session
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VIP one day Intensive Coaching Package

VIP Intensive Coaching Package are perfect for the individual who wants individual attention, a laser focus and Big results. In this Coach work with you individually for an entire day to explore your core message, create your Purposeful Signature System, hone your market, develop your Mindful Marketing Strategy, as well as other energy and business processes, to fully align you with your market and message.

It is a Full Day luxury done-with-you program, created for the Business Professionals,Celebrities,Ministers who wants to jump out of the shadows and come into the spotlight, in a big way. We guide you step-by-step through every fame building element of our 'Signature Branding System' famous in Your field area.

  • Duration: Full Day 8 Hours session
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