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We all want to live a happy and joyous life, but happiness has always been as elusive as achieving it. Lack of scientific way to measure how happy we are, we all get tricked by the events of our day to day life for being happy or unhappy. We often rely on unscientific measures like money, success in job, Fame etc. as measure of our happiness in life. This “happiness test,” has been designed to estimate how happy you are, and especially to learn how you can become happier. This Test, which is based on hundreds of recent scientific studies, focuses on lifestyles and habits that strongly relate to long-term happiness or Psychological Well-Being.

An optimistic attitude benefits not only your mental health, but your physical well-being as well. Take this test to see where you fall on the optimism/pessimism continuum. Each one of the following 33 questions has five possible answers. Please select anyone of them which best relate to your life situation. In order to receive the most accurate results, please answer each question as honestly as possible.

After completing the happiness questionnaire , submit the response along with your details as required. Your happiness score and suggestions from the Coach shall be sent to you over email within 24 hours.

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