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How to Work with a Slacker

We all have worked with someone who is in habit of resting even before getting tired. This kind of person doesn't carry his weight. You, as a coworker, may often find yourself in a confusing and difficult situation where you don’t know what should you do? Should you complain to your supervisor or confront this person? Practically if his slackness is not affecting your work, you better mind your own business but in case your work is suffering due his slackness, here is something you should try:

Don’t attack the person, attack the facts. First thing you should gather objective evidences of his slackness.

Spend time with them to know the reason of his slackness. You need to get into the root cause of his behavior. You may come up with an all-new perspective, as you know the cause. It may be he is not comfortable with some other member of your team or some in office. May be he is not liking job or may be facing problem at home.

Once you really know that he is slacking and cause of his laziness, you should Go for an open minded Conversation with him. Let this person know that he is slacking as very often Laziness is a secret ingredient that goes into failure and it's only kept a secret from the person who fails. Have a genuine concern to solve the problem and stick to evidences of laziness.

Don’t think you have solution. Be open and flexible for solution to come out of your discussion. Don’t get into the boots of consultant or therapist thinking you know quick fix. Just be there with the person he will come up with solution that suits him best.

Awadhesh Shukla Performance coach

+ 91 8010577000

Awadhesh Shukla Performance coach

+91 8010577000


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