Ten Things to know about me

Nobody signs my Paycheck, It is me who signs it with my
Performance and Results. So let's be clear, I owe you nothing!



“I don’t do it for living, I do it because I believe in it”

My Work is built on solid scientific knowledge. I am a true dreamer an relentless explorer of possibilities. I am passionate, playful and deeply invested in my craft.


“I believe that nothing is permanent and final”

You may not be in good place right in your life and I am here with unshakable believe that no matter where you are is not who you are,You still can create and experience whatever you want.





“I believe most of you so busy in living life that you forget to observe it”

Most of you are running so fast in your hypnotic state that you have no clue about details around you. I am here with fine details of life which are precondition for a wonderful life experiences.


“I am here to change you “

I am a relentless growth seeker and an avid believer of constantly improving life conditions and experiences. If you meet me and work with me, I will change you. I will change you because that’s the only way to change my world.



"I don’t do mediocre "

There will always be some people who will doubt me but I am not one of them. I am obsessive about exceeding expectations and going above and beyond for you, me and each other. I always give my 200% and then some more. My Work is revolves around excellence and has no place for mediocrity.



“I love difficulties”

I am made and remade by my difficulties. Difficult times have always worked like detox in my life and I will never shy away from putting you in difficulties because that’s the place where actual magic happens.



“Trust is my currency”

I am relentless in my commitment to produce world-class results. I am honest with my clients and if I am not a right fit for you, I ‘ll say so.



“Where you are coming from doesn’t have any control on where can you go”

I am a true dreamer and I apply no control when I dream. So when you work with me, I put no limitations on what can we create and I don’t give damn about your background.



“Why is more important than what, where, when and how”

For me why is the most fascinating and demanding area of work. I obsessed with why and my work is deep rooted which may often change your what, where, when and how.



The Most Important “I am not for everyone!”

I take my work too seriously and my energy may be too high for you. My sense of humour is off-beat and I shoot point blank . My optimism is unshakable and I play really hard.

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“Quit beating yourself up because you are not what you thought you would be. Your heart is still beating and you are yet not defeated”

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